Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Long Road Home.

It’s a well known fact how much I love mountains.  Anywhere there are mountains, my soul soars with their heights.

I love the farmlands tucked in between the ridges and hollows, fields of green, winding roads and old homesteads, many of which are still occupied and thriving.

I love a countryside dotted with silos and old barns.

Yes, these two lane highways with double yellow lines generally mean you can’t travel as quickly, and the whole road is a “no passing zone."

That can cause a bit of a problem of its own if you happen to find yourself following Farmer Jones as he meanders from one spot to another, in no real hurry to get there – This is, after all, Appalachia.  Folks drive as slow as they talk down here.

This is what we call an Appalachian Traffic Jam:

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Winner, March Quilty Box!

It’s drawing time for our fantabulous March QUILTY BOX!

This one is full of such gorgeous fabric, I have already removed the paper wrapper from mine and have thumbed through and petted and have already pulled some of the colors to use in current projects.

I LOVE tone-on-tone types of prints and these Sun Print 2017 fabrics by Alison Glass for Andover are marvelous.

Bye Bye Thing!

I could have titled this post NO BIG THING….

But it wasn’t until it was all over, and all was said and done that I stopped worrying about this procedure and how long this uncomfortable process would take.

I’ve been living with The Thing on my forehead for the past couple of years.  I never thought anything of it.  It was just a mole.  Not a dark mole, just one of those “age spot” things – until it wasn’t.

It started to change shape.  It spread.  It got shiny edges, and when Doogie Houser pointed it out and said to go have it looked at, I did.  Right away.

The biopsy was no big deal, but the diagnosis that came in the form of a phone call while boarding a flight to Ohio set me on edge.

“It’s a basal cell carcinoma, very slow growing.” said the nurse on the other end of the line.

And all I could think was “Get it off!  Get it off! Get it off NOW!”  Crazy girl, you’ve been living with this for a couple of years, and since the biopsy you have LESS of it now than you did before.  Calm down, it will be taken care of.

And yesterday was the day.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Bit of Cabin Stitching Time!

This past weekend there were a few moments when I could step away from the unpacking of “stuff’  the hanging on the walls of “stuff” and all of the settling in and simply go through the motion of stitching pieces together with machine and thread.

When I sit down to sew, even in the midst of upheaval and chaos – albeit planned upheaval and chaos – my soul finds its happy place.

What’s not to love about stitching away with Annie Get Your Gun playing on an old laptop saved for its Cd player capability?

This is another one of those reasons that I love having my projects cut out and kitted up so that I don’t have to travel with yardage.  Just grab a couple of prepared baggies and sit down and sew.

This project has been ongoing for many months now, built as one unit at a time as I found time.  

There have been times when it has sat idle for a couple of weeks while I was doing other things, but I always came back to it.  I've been captivated by i t!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Rainy Spring Sunday!

I love rainy days in the mountains when the clouds hang low and hug the ridges.

It has always had a “Brigadoon” feeling for me.  Misty and magical.  Ethereal.

Spring rain is so different than rain any other time of the year.  It can come gently, it can pound fiercely with the whipping of the wind.  It washes the world from the last vestiges of winter, making everything newly green.

Such is spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains I love to call home.

During our first daytime downpour I discovered some parts of the cabin that I had never seen in action before.  We have RAIN CHAINS!

Rain chains are a functional and captivating replacement for conventional gutter downspouts. During a rain storm, they turn into a water feature as the rain tumbles from the gutter down the chain, and into a drain in the ground.  I could have stood here and watched the rain chaining down for hours.  Captivating!

But there was a “Run to Lowes” to be made.  And I said that I would go, if we could take some detours and explore a bit on our way.  And I wanted to go to the antique mall in West Jefferson to see if they had a better cabinet for the “STUFF” I want more hidden.

Appalachian Traffic Jam!

It was a good thing we weren’t in a hurry for anything.  I don’t know how this truck was not falling apart on the road! LOL!

Barn Quilt Sighting!

And another!

I love these everywhere I can spot them, and in this area there are many.  I have a feeling that there WILL be one on the cabin at some point!

This lovely was spotted at the mall!

We looked and looked but didn’t find a pie safe type cabinet that I think I want next to the fireplace to hide all the TV related electronic paraphernalia.  They had some “made new to look old” stuff –but they were all painted and distressed, and I want WOOD.  And I want a real vintage piece, not something new made to look old.  I want something beat up with history.

That place in Burlington where I found the two dressers – THAT’s where I need to go.  And that might happen Wednesday depending on how I feel after Tuesday’s THING removal.

There was a lovely Minnesota A in a parlor cabinet.

And an early Kenmore!

No machines came home.  After moving cabin, and trying to find places for everything, my stable of machines is still full to the gills.  But I love to look, to pet them, to give their hand wheels a turn – and miracle of miracles, all machines were OUT in the open!  I didn’t have to embarrass The Hubster by playing another round of “Free the Machines!”

This is for IRENE!  LOL!

All items needing to come back to the cabin were secured and off we went.  I swear, that 25 minute drive gets shorter every time we do it.

Parking sign is up!  Next to the rain chain.

More and more like home every day!

I’m headed home today.  I’ve got some quilty things to share, but I’ll wait until I’m home to post them from the wifi instead of slow phone data upload.

The propane folks will be here Friday morning, so I’ll be back up on Thursday afternoon.

I am ever so grateful that my March schedule was an easy one with two weeks off.  We have gotten so much done and it couldn’t have been planned better.

Did you enter to win our March Quilty Box give away yet?  The drawing of our winner happens on Wednesday evening, so be sure to enter on THAT POST.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I love Mondays. Mondays give me a clean slate with a full week ahead to live as I want to live. To be a better me. To grab this day by the horns, and show it who's boss! Vintage Ohio star quilt photo sent to me by Cathy in Michigan.

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Make it a magnificent Monday, everyone! 

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cabin Stash Day!

I don’t keep a lot of stash at the cabin.

For the most part, projects are kitted up at home – meaning all of the block parts are cut and baggied up and travel back and forth with me from place to place, be it an on-the-road trip where I am sewing during my off hours teaching, and for transport for cabin weekends.

My stash fit into a couple of bins, and some of it, like the de-boned shirt parts STAYED in a bin, so into the closet they went along with a bin of crumbs and smaller pieces destined to be used up in very scrappy quilts.

The stash cabinet was never very organized, just a set of shelves to place my piles – glass doors have the job of just keeping everything contained and from falling on the floor!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Let’s have a March Quilty Box Gift-Away!

March is quickly ebbing by!

I love March – I love that the more days in March rounds out the days we were short-sheeted in February.

March may roar in like a lion, and go out like a lamb, but I wish it would stay around a little longer.  March is full of promises – of spring, or new beginnings, of plans for the summer yet to come, and even new quilting projects just around the bend.

I came up to the new cabin on Thursday, and was met by The Hubster yesterday evening back in Wilkesboro for playing yet another round of “load up the trailer!”  It’s not as fun as it first was!  However, the cabin is now empty of everything that goes IN the new cabin.  We picked up my stash cabinet, and I can start unloading the stash from the transporting bins and really set up quilt-keeping here in Virginia.

Another thing he surprised me with is the March Quilty Box which had arrived while I was gone.

It’s an ALISON GLASS box!  Oh, yippeeeee!  More colors of spring and summer-to-be!

Friday, March 24, 2017

A Friend Day Out!

My friend Mary and I had been trying to get together for months now.  She lives 30 minutes away, but we can’t ever seem to make it work.  It’s crazy how life is sometimes.

When she is around and has the time, I’m on the road.  When I’m in town – she is on a cruise with her kids, or deep into wedding planning.

Life has finally gotten to a place where we are in the same place at the same time and bonus!  We could head out for some antiquing and lunch out on the town and talk a blue streak while we catch up on what has been going on in each other’s lives.

And while we chatted we wandered!

I’ve always loved Mary’s decorating sense.  She just “knows what goes!” and it was fun to be on the look out for a certain piece that may work next to the fireplace in the new cabin to hold all of the TV related electronics – DVR, Satellite box, Xbox, whatever other paraphernalia with cords and countless remotes there are.  They need a place to be if the TV is going to be mounted on the wall.

And I think we found one!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Quilt-Cam 3/22/2017

Last night was a Quilt-Cam night via Facebook Live!

This morning is a re-cap to get it posted up here to the blog, and listed in the archives so you can enjoy it any time you want.

I adore seeing what you are up to while we sew together.  We had hand quilters, machine piecers, appliquers and groups on retreat all joining in for some evening fun.

And no one seemed to mind my “Allergy Voice”  Thanks to everything that is blooming here in North Carolina.  Oh, how I adore the pink trees – but they don’t adore me!